No Man’s Sky Review


UPDATE, 3 months since August 2016 when the game came out, I’ve completely forgotten about this game and I assume the world has as well. Developers have gone silent, no news, the in-depth review below is actually way too much effort, more than what the developers put into the game.. Last I remember finding the center of the galaxy, created a star, and then it put me on the path to do more of the same stuff and i said….thanksss i’m done. Goodbye NMS, I wish you were a lot better for your $60 asking price, but your devs don’t agree with me 🙁

INSTEAD OF 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 RANDOM BORING PLANETS, give me 1000 carefully curated, hand crafted and awesome planets… please…?

There’s something really enchanting and intriguing about travelling to a new planet in the stars, landing your jet, getting out and anticipating what the planet has to offer; the climate conditions, strange new creatures, beautiful vistas, hoping for a miners paradise, trying to get something new. But as I kept playing more of No Man’s Sky, I kept recognising that, while a lot of that is there, it becomes more and more of the same as I keep exploring further, there’s not much here…

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A few solemn words for my dear father

Dad's phone wallpaper, a random photo I clicked a few years ago.

Dad’s phone wallpaper, a random photo I clicked a few years ago.















July of 2015 was the most traumatic and arduous month of my life. I had the misfortune of witnessing the passing of my beloved father, after a long and stressful battle with many ailments.. My dad has always been the wisest, kindest soul I’ve ever known, guiding me through the dark unknown with his beacons of knowledge.. Growing up, me being his only son had been pampered and treated like a prince, how wrong it was of me to take it for granted all the things he has done for me.. Without his guidance, I would not have become the man I am today. Dad always knew exactly what was going on in my mind, it was like telepathy, he tried to show me the err of my ways if any, but never force me to do anything. His spirit was unquestionably joyous to witness, and his loving company is something that although I will miss now, it shall forever be a etched in my heart as countless cherished memories.

Those long precious nights sitting and talking about stupid steven segal movies (I’m the cook) or amazing western classics (Do you feel lucky, punk?), laughing together at funny moments (maa ki kirkiri), or marvelling at the latest technological advancements, every single conversation was entertaining and thriving with knowledge. The last few years have been difficult for us as I have been away studying, missing them lots. My mother tried tremendously to keep his spirit happy, there were countless video calls through the past few years and the few weeks in June together were pleasant for us all. The unimaginable pain of those events, something that cannot be put forth through these words no matter how hard I try, shall always remain, but I will stay strong. For myself and my mother, through hardships and happy moments, you were always with us ensuring that the lives we lead are impeccable without exception. You will always be in our hearts dear father. Thank you for everything. Love you lots.

State of the gaming industry


I’d like to talk about the Gaming industry today, as of October 2014.

I would also like to pledge my allegiance to the glorious PC Gaming Master Race, the almighty omnipotence of the superior species beckons all you console peasants with your “next gen” hardware (with a modified amd 7790 gpu from 2012) to kneel and beg for mercy. BEG!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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Mobile “Gamers”… Please stop

Stop this madness!

Have a look at the Top grossing games on Android’s Play Store. The Top 10 games are ALL free with in-app purchases.

They are less “games” and more “money pits” getting people to pay for inapp additions, or just continue playing for free; Seeing the ads come and go. This is how these “game” developers make millions in ad revenues, hence “top grossing”. I think you can guess my opinion on this by now.
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One Little Thought


Every moment that you’re awake, every decision you make, every single step you take, it becomes the future that you make.

That’s a neat little rhyme I’ve got going there! But it’s also very true. And let me elaborate;
When you are doing anything at all in life, be it washing dishes, cooking food, completing an office task, pursuing your dream, flirting with someone, yes the word anything does include anything and everything under the sun; the outcome of will include one of the following

  • Result
  • Excuse

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Site Running again!

World of AK

No thanks to for killing my old site and even killing all backups 🙁

Oh well. Fresh new start for me! And I’ve decided to do at least a bi-monthly blog post to keep this place more lively!

Check back soon!